About Us

We see the practice of the law as a profession, rather than simply a business. We strive to provide high level, skilled legal services based on core ethical obligations to our clients, the people with whom we engage and the court. Striving for fair and proper legal practice assists us to meet our needs in a dignified and respectful manner. We value as paramount, the provision of high quality broad ranging expert advice delivered respectfully, and efficiently.

Being good lawyers requires being adept at a wide range of law, as well as being well informed and actively involved in the industries and cultural activities we service. We specialise in Intellectual Property particularly in the areas of media, entertainment, film, theatre, music, publishing, new media, defamation, art and related fields. However in order to deliver the highest level of proficient services, we need to be well-versed across many areas of the law. We therefore invest our time and resources in keeping up to date across many related legal fields including contract law, employment, corporations law, tax relating to intellectual property, estate and trusts and commercial law.

Part of our success as Intellectual Property lawyers derives from our team maintaining high levels of involvement in the fields we work in order to better understand and thus assist our clients. We are conversant with and engaged in the industries we support, and  apply the law to those fields.

We are known and respected for our capacity to solve the ‘too hard basket’ problems, which others resist. Anticipating problems is a core part of our work in order to avoid costly litigation or protracted negotiations.

We have been doing this successfully for over 36 years in Sydney, throughout Australia and internationally.