dancer and flour

We have over many years represented numerous dance companies including the Bangarra Dance Company, the Australian Dance Theatre, the Sydney Dance Company and the Urban Dance Centre.

In this arm of the artistic community, the expertise of our lawyers has been called on to assist clients with negotiation and representation across a myriad of legal issues associated with the following:

  • Live performances
  • Recording of dance performances
  • Choreography
  • Filming of dance performances and productions
  • Local and international touring of dance productions
  • Union and related association negotiations
  • Developing multimedia and film projects from dance works
  • Taxation
  • Ancillary and merchandising rights exploitation
  • Model licensing of dance performances,
  • Choreography licensing, locally and internationally
  • Services Agreements for Dancers, Designers, Directors and Choreographers

Specific to the Dance arena, Michael Frankel has formerly provided the Sydney Dance Theatre with advice concerning:

  • The financing and legal aspects of some of their major productions
  • Copyright and commercial advice concerning rights attendant to the filming and distribution of works

We have also provided advice to the Australian Dance Theatre on an ad hoc project basis.