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Utilising our substantial experience in and practical knowledge of the commercial operation of the music industry affords our clients an edge.
For over 36 years we have acted for clients at all points within the music industry. This provides clients with a valuable body of commercial experience from which to draw upon our expert legal advice about the music industry.

Our music industry clients have included:

  • Musicians artists and bands
  • Performers
  • Composers
  • Record producers
  • Music publishers
  • Record companies
  • Record distributors
  • Music content aggregators
  • Live music promoters
  • Live music venues and concerts
  • Agents and agencies
  • Managers
  • Merchandisers
  • Video producers and directors

We offer dependable advice in the following key facets of the music industry:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Recording agreements
  • Publishing agreements
  • Producer agreements
  • Alternative master recording exploitation arrangements (such as licensing, and publishing and distribution agreements)
  • Artist and band business structures
  • Sponsorship and product endorsements
  • Merchandising rights
  • Music licensing and synchronisation rights
  • Marketing and communication to the public of music on line and by mobile phone
  • Touring
  • Film, television and cast soundtrack albums

As in other areas of our entertainment law practice, we pride ourselves on also offering clients a complete understanding of the fast changing technological legal issues facing today’s music industry.

We offer our clients the services of lawyers who have first-hand personal experience in the music industry.

We are across all statutory requirements in the domestic and international music industry:

  • Compulsory and general licensing for and on behalf of producers, composers, musicians, manufacturers, and producers.
  • Negotiating with local and international collection agencies.
  • Licensing procedures and protocols of Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) with respect to licences and applications.
  • Negotiating and settlement of disputes with APRA with respect to Small rights and Grand rights
  • General licensing for and on behalf of numerous producers, composers, musicians, manufacturers, and producers.
  • Compliance obligations with AMCOS and the PPCA with respect to compulsory licences and mechanical licences (both locally and internationally).

In addition, we represent both foreign and Australian corporations in international music transactions. Examples of our work include the following:

  • Advising entrepreneurs about touring live shows into Australia
  • Advice concerning the exporting of Australian live shows internationally
  • The negotiation of music performance and recording terms and agreements with radio, television and subscription broadcasters.
  • The negotiation of transactions involving the sale of global music publishing catalogues
  • Advice concerning the establishment of live music venues

In keeping with the firm’s keen interest in important public policy issues, the firm has been active in its support for the introduction of legislation to protect performers.

For further details about our expertise in the fields of live major events and festivals click here.

For more information about how our Sydney music lawyers can provide you legal advice about the music industry, please contact us.