Visual Arts

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As with other artists fields, we have a distinguished record as legal counsel for a wide range of clients in the visual arts.

In particular our specialist expertise is called on to advise on numerous copyright and intellectual property issues. We are notable for our understanding of the issues applicable to the visual arts community today such as those brought by digital technology and the Internet, as well as advising on the effect of copyright law reforms such as moral rights and performer’s rights reform legislation.

In the field of the visual we act for:

  • Individual artists
  • Photographers
  • Multimedia and new media artists
  • Art galleries (regional, state and national)
  • Touring art exhibitions
  • Aboriginal and Indigenous artists

Indicative of the breadth clients we have act for in this area of the arts we have represented:

  • Curators touring the USSR art exhibition in 1984
  • FILEF for an Italian art exhibition,
  • Advised on the establishment of the Byron Mapp Gallery,
  • Negotiated numerous legal issues with the Art Gallery of NSW.
  • Represented visual artists in litigation for royalties and entitlements

Previous members of the firm published various articles and contributed to texts in the field.

We regularly give seminars and lecture in the area to practitioners
The firm itself occupies space in an artistic hub of Sydney in Surry Hills

We have also represented individual artists including:

  • John Olsen
  • Sally Swaine
  • Bill Leak
  • Michael Snape
  • Geoffrey de Groen
  • Peter Callas
  • Reg Lynch
  • Nerissa Lea
  • Kerry Leashman
  • Linda Dement
  • The Northern Territory Public Trustee in respect of the Estate of the late Emily.
  • Estate of Adam Cullen

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